Farmers Markets

With its beautiful 818-acre setting and rich historical legacy, Carnation Farms offers a unique experience. From hands-on educational programs to hosting one-of-a-kind events, Carnation Farms is building a stronger community, fostering a sense of belonging, and creating a healthier, brighter future.

We grow veggies using organic production methods while taking good care of the land we call home.

Newly purchased 12 acres on the Wallace River with goal to become a a producing organic farm of fruit trees, berries, nut trees and possibly goat cheese within 3 years. Wish us luck!

Goose and Gander Farm is a mixed vegetable farm on the banks of the Snoqualmie River, owned and operated by Meredith Molli and Patrick McGlothlin and their lively flock of geese. We grow a diverse selection of heirloom vegetables, herbs, flowers and eggs (duck and chicken) for customers in the greater Seattle area through a weekly CSA, farmers markets, restaurants and farmstand.

We are passionate about the food we grow and supporting a truly local and sustainable food system by connecting those in our community directly to clean, healthy food. Honey, eggs, pastured pork & chicken available to CSA shareholders. Wholesale & restaurant pricing available.

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We are a small family farm committed to sustainable farming practices. We grow our vegetables without the use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We source nearly all of our seed from organically certified sources. Absolutely no GMO seed is used on our farm. Please come meet us at the Carnation Farmers Market!

Mixed vegetables,  pork, jams, goats’ milk soap

Sales: certified organic; farmers markets.

Local Roots Farm farms 17 acres of sustainably-grown vegetables and flowers. We sell via CSA (Duvall and on-farm pickup) and our honor-system farmstand, located on 124th St between the blue bridge and Hwy 203. Our u-pick flower patch is open daily from June through September.


Honey, bee pollen, beeswax, candles

Sales: farmers markets.

Orange Star Farm grows a variety of specialty herbs and vegetables and pastured duck eggs. Established in 2016, we sell to our local community, farmers markets and to small restaurants interested in unique varieties. Our farming practices are build on respecting the soil and the natural systems that create strong and resilient environments for growing intensively. We do not use synthetic pesticides or herbicides and focus on growing heirloom and improved open pollinated varieties.

Small 1st generation family farm growing sustainable produce, flowers and herbs. Available at Carnation Farmers Market and on-farm sales when prearranged.

Winery based in North Bend with an additional tasting room in Woodinville. Specializing in Washington wine packaged in kegs, totes, and refillable bottles. Sustainable, quality, delicious wines appropriate for every occasion.

Pike Place Market was established to serve farmers in 1907. Washington farmers continue to sell their locally grown produce and specialty farm products to shoppers at the market seven days a week, 363 days a year.

Present Tense Farm is a diversified vegetable farm situated in the beautiful Snoqualmie River Valley. Together, Neil Subhash and Jayme Haselow cultivate four acres of heirloom and specialty vegetables, herbs and flowers for weekly farmers markets, chef-driven restaurants and local farmstand. Present Tense builds soil fertility through cover crops and crop rotations. We pull weeds by hand, some with tools and pests are managed through crop diversity and beneficial plantings.


Radicle Roots Farm is a sustainable market farm located in Snohomish, Washington. Established in 2015, we grow artisan produce using organic practices for local farmers markets, restaurants and distributors on less than one acre of land.

RavenCroft Garden: Connecting People, Plants and the Earth for 25 years in Monroe, WA offers:

Healing From the Ground Up, an apprenticeship in Integrated Earth Medicine; Summer Camps celebrating Generative Gardens, Herbal Medicine and Artisanal Foods; Women’s Moon Circles; LIA Women’s Live-in apprenticeship, Garden Opens and seasonal celebrations all with the intention of keeping herbal medicine in people’s hearts, hands and homes.

EagleSong Evans Gardener, CCH, is a community-centered herbalist offering knowledge, skills and wisdom in the wise woman tradition in natural health, herbal medicine and spirit healing…

Herbal apothecary offering herbal preparations made with cultivated and wild local plants!

EagleSong is the founder and director of the Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference held in the Cascadia foothills between Monroe and Duvall each September.

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River Willow Farm is a 50 acre farm on the beautiful Snoqualmie river, growing vegetable starts and produce for local markets. We love being able to provide locally grown produce at our hometown market and grocer, but most of all we enjoy the community connection of the market, visiting with friends each week and meeting new ones.

Heirloom tomatoes, peppers, vegetables, & herb plants, fresh herbs & vegetables on 1 acre

Certified Organic mixed vegetables. CSA and farmer’s market sales.

We are Steel Wheel Farm, a small, first-generation family farm with one goal in mind: To improve the way in which produce is grown, harvested and distributed. Everything we do is guided by our mission of being quality-driven, environmentally friendly and stewards of the land. We believe that quality food begins with the farmer, and because of that, we provide only fresh, local and naturally-grown items.

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Mixed organic vegetables at farmers markets, also certified Salmon Safe and Naturally Grown.

Welcome, Fresh Veggie Lovers!
I want to share my love of growing and eating fresh, healthful vegetables.  For those who like to explore new varieties, try new flavors, and rediscover old favorites, welcome to Sweet Harvest! I grow on less than an acre in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley, near Carnation. I’d love to grow for you. ~ Margaret


Mixed vegetables and pastured eggs, farmers markets, in transition to certified organic.

Sales: farmers markets

Tractor Farm is a family orchard dedicated to healthy food and land stewardship. Our primary crop is Asian pears, also known as Korean pears, apple pears and Nashi. Our secondary crop is raw honey and other hive products from our orchard honeybees.

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