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Experience Farming Project

The Experience Farming Project is a self-directed and participant-driven opportunity for aspiring farmers to gain valuable hands-on experience while independently working a plot of land at one of two locations in the Snoqualmie Valley. We provide access to land, resources, and tools needed to get started as a successful farmer without the often prohibitive start-up costs associated with purchasing or leasing land and equipment.

As part of the Experience Farming Project, all participants will employ sustainable farming practices that support the continued integrity of the land at our host sites in accordance Certified Naturally Grown standards.

Interested in Applying?

Review the Experience Farming Project Handbook for details on how the program runs and what to expect.

To apply: 

Send an email to with your name and contact information (phone, address) and short answers to the following:

1. Describe your farming experience.
2. Describe your goals for the program.

EFP in the News!

The Experience Farming Project was recently featured in 425 MagazineGrowing Farmers: The Experience Farming Project

Experience Farming Project Sites​

Stuart’s Landing 

We lease the historic Stuart’s Landing site from David Andrews and Claire Foster. These landowners share SnoValley Tilth’s passion for seeing fertile farmland used for food production. With a vision to convert their fields of blackberry and thistle back to productive land, they began leasing to a few farmers in the Snoqualmie Valley. In 2012 we began collaborating to develop the Experience Farming Project. Now their site is the launching pad for the next generation of farmers.


 Beyers’ Place

We also lease land from Dan Beyers, another passionate and dedicated farmer in the Snoqualmie Valley who has been partnering with and providing opportunities for new farmers who are serious about starting a farm business.  We started this partnership in 2017 and look forward to continued success at this pristine property as well.


Stuart's Landing before Experience Farming Project.
Stuart's Landing after Experience Farming Project.


King Conservation District is funding critical infrastructure improvements that will contribute to the success of our Experience Farming Project program participants in their endeavor as new farmers.

King Conservation District

The support of the USDA/WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program has allowed us to expand our program to be able to serve more new farmers.

USDA / WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grand