Request for Proposals: Feasibility Study and Business Plan



SnoValley Tilth is excited to announce that we have received funding from USDA Rural Development to lay the groundwork for a produce aggregation and processing facility based in the Snoqualmie Valley.

We are seeking proposals for qualified consultants. Please click on link below for a PDF of the RFP. The deadline for proposals is September 1, 2016.

Produce Processing Feasibility Study and Business Plan RFP


  1. David Casey says:

    Hi team

    Would it be possible to update the information on the Fish Farm Flood (WRIA 7 Comprehensive Plan Update)?

    Would it be possible to provide an update on the Produce Processing Feasibility RFP?
    –How many respondents?
    –Where to access the respondents RFP submittal information?
    —timeline for review
    —who is the review committee
    —who is the funding agency

    Thanks in advance

    • Libby Reed says:

      Thanks for your questions. 
      – An update on the Produce Processing Facility RFP is forthcoming. There will be some information in our upcoming January 2017 newsletter as well as a stakeholder meeting (and minutes for those who cannot attend) to bring everyone up to speed.
      – As future Fish Farm Flood updates and progress is available we will share it on our blog and newsletters. SnoValley Tilth will have a representative on the commission appointed to oversee implementation of the agreement generated by the first phase. 
      – We are not involved in the WRIA 7 Comprehensive Plan, but Cynthia Krass from WID/SVPA is the one you should contact for more information.