We are a small, family-owned farm on 2.5 acres in Fall City. We lovingly raise a variety of animals including chickens, horses, rabbits, pheasants, quail, and mini-donkeys in our historic barn. We also produce a line of chicken feed, chicken supplements, and horse feed. We are dedicated to raising happy and healthy animals, producing the highest quality products, and demonstrating sustainable farming practices. Visit our website for more information. We offer educational programs, farm tours, small scale livestock, and more!
-Feed Sales: local and fresh
-Poultry Sales Year Round: all ages for pets and layers
-Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs

We are a small goat dairy, raise chickens and have an organic garden. We are a small organic farm with a farmstead creamery, our own herd of dairy goats, and a weekly CSA. We also host events of all sizes, as well as teach cooking, cheesemaking, preserving, and flower arranging classes.

We are a membership, certified organic, u-pick blueberry farm.  See our website for how you can become a member — and pick our delicious blueberries for your family in season on YOUR schedule.

We raise natural, grass-fed lamb and mutton on the rich soils and forage of the Snohomish River Valley. Lamb availability begins in the fall and usually sells out by Easter, with reservations being first-come, first-served. Putting a deposit down in the spring/summer ensures best availability. We also sell pastured eggs for on-farm pickup by appointment. Visit our website for more information and deposit forms for lamb. www.canfieldfarms.com

Carnation Farms is a nonprofit organization on a mission to transform the way that America wants to eat. We celebrate delicious and nutritious food produced in a sustainable manner by providing inspirational and educational experiences that positively affect heath, the environment, and local economies. We develop the next generation of food citizens and grow new farmers.

Christmas trees

Sales: U-pick November-December; historic barn and house tours; rental space for meetings and performances; pea patch gardens.

We grow veggies using organic production methods while taking good care of the land we call home.

Certified Naturally Grown mixed vegetables and fruit.

Cherry Valley Dairy is a farmstead dairy in Duvall where artisanal practices and environmental stewardship can come together to nourish the community and respect the land. We have a small herd of about 50 Jersey Cows whose milk we use to craft high quality cultured butter and various cheeses.

Grass fed beef & hay farm selling direct to consumers. Also private farm incubator.

We are focused on raising grass-fed beef from content cows that graze our verdant pastures. In order to diversify the food we can provide to our community and utilize the land to its fullest potential, we also support several other local farmers who share our space.

No synthetic pesticides or herbicides are used by any of our farmers. Our mission is to develop and maintain a healthy food system through sustainable farming practices that benefits the local ecosystems, people, and economy. Our Community Supported Farm establishes a greater awareness of our interdependence among food, Earth’s resources, and the surrounding community.

We are a small family farm that is located in the hills outside of the small agricultural community of Carnation. Being a small farm we practice organic farming, we work hard to live a self-sustaining lifestyle that focuses on building the bonds of our family, our farm and our community.
We raise on our farm registered Tamworth Pigs, Heritage chickens and turkeys to share with your family to enjoy. We also are a WSDA Licensed Food Processor for poultry and rabbits with a Co-Pack exemption allowing us to process for other small farmers.

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Dancing Crow is a small farm using practices that honor and re-nourish both land and body. We provide sustainably grown, pesticide free, heirloom variety vegetables to the Farms for Life program, Sno-Valley Farmers Collective, and we sell to local restaurants. The public is also welcome to stop by the farm to purchase fresh picked produce Monday through Saturday. Please contact Sean_stratman@msn.com for details.

FRESH SHEET: email sean_stratman@msn.com

Hand thrown and shaped pottery for beauty and function, made with whimsy and made with love!

Our belief at First Light Farm is that by supporting healthy soils, we are helping to create healthier families and communities. We accomplish these goals by following sustainable farming practices and by offering programs like our Mini-Farm, U-Pick, and CSA (in the Seattle neighborhood of Greenwood and Phinney where the owners are longtime residents).

We are a small local new farm specializing in heritage breed meat animals and sustainable produce.

We are a family owned and operated organic produce farm producing crops on 175 acres in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Goose and Gander Farm is a small family farm on the banks of the Snoqualmie river where we grow a diverse selection of heirloom vegetables, herbs, flowers and eggs for our customers around the East side and the greater Seattle area.  Our produce is available through CSA, farmers markets, and our farm stand.  We are passionate about the food we grow and supporting a truly local and sustainable food system by connecting those in our community directly to clean, healthy and delicious food.  We encourage you to join our weekly CSA and pick up here at the farm for the most seasonal and delicious selection of food around!  Honey, eggs, flowers and pastured chicken are available to CSA shareholders.  Visit the farm and check out our U-Pickle Patch and Farm Stand during the summer!  Wholesale & restaurant pricing available.

We are a small family farm committed to sustainable farming practices. We grow our vegetables without the use of any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. We source nearly all of our seed from organically certified sources. Absolutely no GMO seed is used on our farm.

Growing Things Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown Farm established in 1989 now transitioning from a 10 acre vegetable and meat farm to quality salad greens and salad veggies, as well as body and healing products from herbs and goat milk grown on the farm. Products are sold wholesale, from the website and from farmers market.

Goat milk soap products
Natural botanical healing balms and creams
Low sugar jams

Hearth Farm grows and sells heirloom tomatoes, asparagus, culinary herbs and eggs. Farmer Sarah conducts on-farm kids camps, classes for the PCC, and teaches Introduction to AgroEcology at Edmonds Community College.
Visitors by appointment only.

Visitors by appointment only.

FRESH SHEET: email sarah.farley.cassidy@gmail.com

We are a small family farm located in the heart of the Snoqualmie Valley raising pigs, chickens, beef and bees. Founded in 1998 and located just outside of Duvall, WA. We strive to raise good, clean, natural animals living as animals should in fresh air, dirt and sunshine for our table and yours.

Jubilee Farm is primarily a farm supported by CSA subscriptions. We also sell beef, pork, and lamb, and hold an annual Harvest Festival each weekend in October.

We raise registered Red Belted Kingshire miniature cattle and sell direct to consumer. All natural, grain-free, grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, and eggs.


Lazybird Farm is a small farm owned and operated by Erica and Robert Chao. We live here with our three young children and our goal is to grow good food for our family and our nearby community. For us good food is: high quality food that tastes better than what is available in conventional markets, improves rather than depletes our land, is chemical free, and is humane. Chemical free includes using certified organic feed for our livestock. Humane means our animals are free to express their animal instincts, for example, hogs rooting and digging around our alder forest and chickens that get to scratch and forage their way through fresh pasture.

Erica and Robert Chao

Holistic permaculture inspired small farm raising pasture eggs.
We also have a resident goat herd with ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf stud services.
Classes in animal processing and small scale permaculture implementation.
WWOOFer hosting and short term farming apprenticeships available.
Fruit and nut trees, earthworks, water systems, and restoration forestry.
Wild game processing complete with walk-in cooler to season meat.
We also offer wild foraging adventures.

Lettuce Love Farm is a small, 2 acre farm owned and operated by Lauren Tyner and Kevin Haggerty. We are a couple of young farmers who grow unique, nutritious vegetables and microgreens with bold flavors derived from our rich, dark soils, and in addition, we produce pasture-raised eggs from heritage breed chickens using rotational grazing patterns. We exclusively use sustainable and natural growing practices which foster a thriving soil ecosystem, and keep our farmland productive here in Carnation. You can find our products at several local restaurants, the Queen Anne and Mercer Island farmers markets, the Hopelink food bank, and various other locations. Follow us on Instagram @lettucelovefarm and on Facebook for updates, and for more information, find us at www.lettucelovefarm.com, or contact lettucelovefarm@gmail.com.

Local Roots is a diversified family-owned vegetable and flower farm. We offer CSA subscriptions for a 25-week main season, and a 16 week Winter CSA. Our on-farm honor system farmstand is open daily from dawn to dusk, and our U-pick flower patch is open from July to September.

Lowlands Farm is a small flower and produce farm located in beautiful Snohomish, Washington.  We use organic and sustainable farming practices to care for the land and resources, ensuring that only the highest quality products reach our customers. Stewardship of the farm means not only caring for the land, but also cultivating community and providing a living wage for our farmers and staff.

Mezza Luna Farms was founded in 2012 by the husband and wife team of Ian “Farmer” Fels and Victoria Roos. We are kicking-off our third season, gearing up to grow and provide organic produce directly to you via our CSA Program. We are strong supporters of sustainable agricultural practices and we believe people should be well traveled, not their food.


Located in Redmond, WA, MisFit Farm is a diversified farming operation that offers sales of fresh produce, eggs, and meat birds. We also breed lowline angus miniature cattle.

Lavender farm offering lavender and goat milk products.

Bruce Ford & Amy Lackey
Raising Grass Fed Suffolk Lamb


One Leaf Farm is a seven-acre mixed vegetable farm. We use sustainable and organic growing methods. One Leaf sells its produce at the Ballard Farmers Market, and to several Seattle-area restaurants.

Orange Star Farm grows a variety of specialty herbs and vegetables and pastured duck eggs. Established in 2016, we sell to our local community, farmers markets and small restaurants interested in unique varieties grown with care. There is such diversity in nature and we aim to grow cultivars that reflect that.  We believe that a farm is only as resilient as it’s soils and natural ecosystems; we feed the soils and the soils feed our vegetables! We do not use synthetic pesticides or herbicides and focus on growing heirloom and improved open pollinated varieties.

Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center inspires people to eat healthy, sustainably grown food and to steward our natural resources for future generations. Oxbow is located on 230 acres of privately-owned land bordering the Snoqualmie River in western Washington. We use this land to grow food and native plants, to learn about nature and how we can protect it while benefiting from it, and to educate children and the general public about food, farming, and the environment.


The Pacific Wise Woman Center offers education connecting people, plants and the earth. Herbal apprenticeships in the wise woman tradition; Day workshops; Integrated Earth Medicine camps in Natural Gardening, Herbal Medicine Making and Crafting Artisan Foods; Seasonal Celebrations; Open Gardens, a monthly Women’s Moon Lodge and online herbal courses.

The Pacific Wise Woman Center is a working croft, a small generative holding tending life in the garden from the smallest microbe to a human community. Herb gardens with plants from around the earth, small livestock, hands-on experiential learning opportunities.

Radicle Roots Farm is a sustainable market farm located in Snohomish, Washington. Established in 2015, we grow artisan produce using organic practices for local farmers markets, restaurants and distributors on less than one acre of land.

Located in the beautiful Cathcart Valley near Snohomish, we raise specialty produce and pastured laying hens using nature-based methods and no synthetic chemicals.

We are the Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative, working with more than 25 farm families to bring you the freshest, most nutritious, and scrumptious locally-grown food in the greater Seattle area. Delivered to your neighborhood, our CSA offers a delicious array of options and add-ons (i.e. eggs and fruit) in our Veggie Boxes and this year we’re launching “The Giving Box” a donation you can make to help feed the needy in our community. Join us today!

Website: http://www.snovalleycoop.com

Contact: snovalleycoop@gmail.com

Certified Organic mixed vegetables. CSA and farmer’s market sales.

Established in 2018, Spirit Wild Farm wildcrafts, grows historical heirlooms and fruit trees, and stewards an apiary of honeybees. We aim to create educational and joyful experiences that that promote holistic living and enrich our connection with the natural world.

We are Steel Wheel Farm, a small, first-generation family farm with one goal in mind: To improve the way in which produce is grown, harvested and distributed. Everything we do is guided by our mission of being quality-driven, environmentally friendly and stewards of the land. We believe that quality food begins with the farmer, and because of that, we provide only fresh, local and naturally-grown items.

FRESH SHEET: sign up at https://steelwheelfarm.com/restaurants/

Welcome, Fresh Veggie Lovers! I want to share my love of growing and eating fresh, healthful vegetables. For those who like to explore new varieties, try new flavors, and re-discover old favorites, welcome to Sweet Harvest! I grow on less than an acre in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley, near Carnation. I’d love to grow for you.


General contracting business building earth-centered sustainable structures for home, garden, and farm.

Tractor Farm is a family orchard dedicated to healthy food and land stewardship. Our primary crop is Asian pears, also known as Korean pears, apple pears and Nashi. Our secondary crop is raw honey and other hive products from our orchard honeybees.

Cooking, dancing, natural home & health classes are offered at our 36-acre organic fruit, flower and vegetable farm in the Snoqualmie Valley.  We build community through healthy living and play.  Teaching and sharing is our passion!