Livestock Producers

Below is a little more detailed information about what SnoValley Tilth offers for livestock producer members.  Review Livestock committee updates or peruse our growing list of resources!

SnoValley Tilth Livestock Committee

SnoValley Tilth’s monthly Livestock Committee meeting tackles a whole range of topics specific to producing livestock like nutrition and health and discusses county, state and federal regulations around processing livestock.  We are also firmly focused on the future to see how we, as a community, can work together to get local meat on local plates. For more information about what we’re up to or to get involved please, email 

Livestock Committee Meeting Minutes (coming soon!)

Resources for Producers

We are always adding to our lists of resources for beginning and established livestock farms. As any farmer knows, your best resource in a lot of cases is your neighbor down the street or your mentor!  As the livestock facet of our organization develops we hope to fill in some of the gaps between those two resources.  Maybe it’s a mentorship program for new farmers or an annual livestock conference, whatever it is you can help inform priorities for this area’s livestock producers. Please consider making your voice heard by going to a meeting, attending one of our events or becoming a member of SnoValley Tilth.

View Livestock Producer Resource Page

Information for Consumers

Consumer education regarding the consumption of direct marketed meat lags far behind that of vegetable production for a lot of reasons.  As a consumer are you educated about ethical meat consumption and how to navigate the process of purchasing local meats?  More information about what consumer education can be found here or on our blog.