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Direct Marketing Guides

These resources are written especially for specific kinds of producers, but we think there are some important points that can be gleaned for any livestock farmer.

Direct Marketing Organizations


Federal Agencies

State and Regional Agencies

Support Organizations


Book Recommendations from our Members

  • “Grass-Fed Cattle”, by Julius Ruechel
  • “Grassfed to Finish, by Allen Nation
  • “Pasture Perfect” (2011), by Jo Robinson
  • “Salad Bar Beef”, by Joel Salatin
  • “Why Grass fed is Best”, by Jo Robinson
  • “The Ominvore’s Dilemma, A Natural History of Four Meals”, by Michael Pollan
  • “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle – A Year of Food Life”, by Barbara Kingsolver
  • “Ten Acres Enough: The Small Farm Dream is Possible” by Lynn R Miller, Ralph C Miller, Edmund Morris, 1864, 2nd Edition 1996, Powell’s Books
  • “Three Acres And Liberty” by Bolton Hall, 1907, Macmillan
  • “Five acres and independence: a practical guide to the selection and management of the small farm” by Maurice Grenville Kains, 1935, 1973, Dover Publications
  • “Successful Small-Scale Farming” by Karl Schwenke, 1991, Storey Books
  • “MetroFarm: The Guide to Growing a Big Profit on a Small Parcel of Land” by Michael Olson, 1994
  • “Making Your Small Farm Profitable” by Ron Macher, 1999, Storey Books
  • “The New Farmers’ Market” by Vance Corum, Marcie Rosenzweig & Eric Gibson, 2001, New World Publishing