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SnoValley Tilth’s Farmland Network is working to increase access to suitable farmland by working with landowners who want to make their land agriculturally productive again, helping to match them with farmers through lease agreements that allow for successful long term land access and business development. This Land Network addresses a vital part of our mission to build a thriving agricultural community of producers, consumers and stewards.

SVT’s Farmland Network was initially launched because it is increasingly difficult for farmers to find affordable and suitable land for farming, especially in King County. And while 98% of the Snoqualmie Valley encompasses farm, forest, and rural lands, much of that farmland is not accessible to farmers starting new farm businesses or looking to expand existing ones.  And even though many farms exist in the valley a lot of good, agricultural land is still fallow.  The Farmland Network aims to remove some of the burdens for farmers and landowners alike by finding and vetting suitable land for farmers, assessing infrastructure onsite, and supporting the lease agreement process.  Doing this eliminates many of the traditional barriers to successful farmland leases.

For Land Seekers

You are not alone in the search for good agricultural land. This region has many development pressures and high prices for land which can make finding acreage on which to start your business a daunting process. It is our goal to assist you in this process and to help prepare you to enter into the leasing process with a greater understanding about what makes successful lease relationships. 

What to expect? This process can sometimes take a while as finding the right land and the right lease terms is not as straightforward as you might think. Reaching out to us early can really help.  By filling out the survey at the link below you’ll initiate the process. We will be in touch if we have additional questions for you. We look forward to hearing from you!  

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For Land Owners

There are a lot of reasons you might consider leasing fallow land. Land conservation, a commitment to local food production, or financial reasons are just a few. Initiating the process and eventually leasing can sometimes take more time than one thinks.  It is our goal that the SVT Farmland Network adds transparency, efficiency and understanding to the process.

What to expect? If you request a Farmland Network consultation, the program manager will call you to find out more about your property.  If it is the right fit for this program we’ll want to learn more about your land and what you are looking to accomplish by leasing it.  We’ll assess infrastructure, soil, water access, road access, etc. in order to identify if the land you look to lease is ready to be successfully farmed.

Working Farmland Partnership

SnoValley Tilth is a member of The Working Farmland Partnership (WFP). The WFP aims to ensure a farming future in King County through keeping land in production and increasing land access for new and expanding producers. We work with landowners to put their farmable land into production and with farmers to find the right properties for their businesses. This collaboration—in its pilot year– is led by PCC Farmland Trust, SnoValley Tilth, King County, Vashon Land Trust, Viva Farms, and King Conservation District.

Landowners/Farmers interested in finding out more about the Working Farmland Partnership in the Snoqualmie Valley can contact Sean Stratman ( for more information.


We would like to acknowledge King Conservation District for their generous support of this program.

King Conservation District

We would like to acknowledge The Bullitt Foundation for their generous support of this program.

The Bullitt Foundation