SnoValley Tilth


SnoValley Tilth represents sustainable, local farming in our farm-positive policy advocacy efforts.
  •  We hold the vegetable producers’ seat on the Regional Food Policy Council and are working with that body to assure sustainable food and fiber production are supported in the region’s long-term planning strategies.
  • SnoValley Tilth also supports the Snoqualmie Valley Preservation Alliance in the formation of a Watershed Improvement District to bring much needed help to the difficult problems of water rights, water supply and agricultural drainage.
  • We stay engaged with issues discussed by our King County Agriculture Commission, the advisory body to the county council and the county executive on agricultural issues.
  • We also stay engaged with county issues affecting small, sustainable farmers. SnoValley Tilth has representation on Farm, Fish, Flood 2.0 and the Sustainable Land Strategy through the Agriculture Resilience Plan Steering Committee.  There are the initiatives supported by King County and Snohomish County to facilitate communication with the overlapping interests of bodies that support agriculture, habitat and fish recovery and flood management with the purpose of collaboratively resolving concerns over the use of natural resources.

Other Resources

  • Learn about Farm-to-School programs across WA state: Farm to School
  • Find out more about Washington’s Agriculture program and farm impacts during the legislative session: WA Agriculture
  • For national interests and larger scale research follow the work of American Farmland Trust.  AFT is the one national organization fighting to protect the land and people on the land.